It's a teamwork

It's really important for us to team up with people who believe in the same things we do.

Become our partner and express our shared values. We establish a strong, local network of like-minded people. Do you run a local sport school, a lifestyle/fashion store or a cosy cafe or restaurant? Contact us and let us talk about our collaboration options.

Together we are strong.

We want to give you the space to show that you and your company are acting sustainably and making your contribution. We can set up a BOA BOA Studios pop-up store in your store or provide your staff outfit. You also can participate in awareness projects like ocean clean-ups, planting trees in areas of deforestation, support local outdoor events or engage in local nature conservation projects.

We believe that by establishing collaborations such as these we can positively impact the people and nature around us.

Stay tuned and get informed about the BOA BOA availability in Madeira.

Sustainable clothing

show that you care