With a bunch of close friends having a sensible notion that the process of "doing something" is much more fun than just "owning something", BOA BOA was born into Madeira's cultural consciousness in 2023.


BOA BOA Studios is more than just a brand: it’s a global community of like-minded adventurers. Our openness and enthusiasm strikes not only people from Madeira, but also anybody who ever experienced the charm of this island. We didn’t set out to sell only sustainable fashion, but to celebrate a worldwide community of outdoor lovers. Madeira island is a magical place that lets you feel the rawness of nature at its best — in its waters and in its mountains.


The BOA BOA philosophy recalls an era before the various adventures – surfing, biking, hiking, skateboarding, whatever – were marketed into fundamentalist factions. All are welcomed under the BOA BOA roof, where there’s simply respect for any outdoor activity and enjoyment of nature. Sustainability, friendship, adventure. It’s a simple and sincere pitch that has winged BOA BOA across the island. BOA BOA says simply we need to act and care about what we love the most - being out in nature!


BOA BOA Studios is just the beginning of creating a lifestyle ecosystem for those seeking more sustainable guidance. With more ideas in mind, we aim to take a holistic approach supporting each BOA BOA member to stay wild and free while protecting our backyard.

quality = sustainability