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Prepare-se para uma onda de mudanças positivas em seu ambiente local.

We donate 5% of our revenue to Local Nature Conservation Projects

At BOA BOA Studios, we take action by organising and supporting local clean-up events, whether it's along the coast and beaches to protect marine life or on trails to maintain the cleanliness of the forest. With your purchase of our collection, you directly support local projects aligned with our values.

100% certified Organic or Recycled Fibers

We are proud of using the least amount of natural resources as possible (materials, energy & transport) commitment starts with choosing 100% sustainable fabrics and extends to eco-friendly dyes. For example with each BOA BOA t-shirt made from organic cotton you save 2000 l of water and use 60% less energy (compared to any conventional cotton shirt).

Social Responsibility

Ensuring socially acceptable working conditions remains an integral aspect of our corporate philosophy. A workplace that respects the rights and dignity of each individual, with equal opportunities. We view social responsibility not as an obligation but as a moral imperative, shaping our actions and decisions to create a better, more equitable future for all.

Transition into a Circular Lifestyle Brand

Our objective is to offer recycling solutions to our customers and attain 100% circularity. With a focus on minimising waste and maximising resource efficiency to transition into a circular brand, where every product and action is a step closer to a more environmentally responsible future.

Quantify our Carbon Footprint

Our goal is to measure our carbon footprint and set reduction targets by 2025. We are dedicated to accurately assessing our environmental impact, from manufacturing to distribution, in order to make informed decisions. Setting reduction targets enables us to minimise our carbon emissions and contribute to combating the global climate crisis.

Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

We consistently prioritise the use of recycled materials and production residues for our packaging. Reducing our reliance on virgin resources minimises waste and helps to close the loop on materials, furthering our dedication to a circular economy. By choosing eco-friendly packaging, we aim to leave a lighter footprint on the planet and inspire you to make environmentally conscious choices.

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